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January 30, 2013

Shake up Google Plus with your own Shakers & Engagers!

Unknown - 7:33 AM

How to increase your Google+ Engagement.

Re-publish from  Nov 30, 2012

Using #GooglePlus to get results doesn't have to be time consuming, complicated and lonely. It's about engaging the engagers, finding like minded people, whom you can help and they'll help you back.

So tell me in the comments below, is your Google+ experience lonely? Or do you get so many responses you don't know what to do with them?

There seems to be several kinds of users we commonly see on G+:

- Users who post pictures all day & don't seem to care if anyone's looking.
- Users who write a lot of content, but don't seem to have anyone reading.
- Users with a fascination for just getting in & collecting circles.
- Good writers who don't care for comments, even turning them off.
- Then there's the useful content writers and engagers, who not only respond to comments, but actively engage other users, commenting and their posts and giving back to others.

Finding, following and engaging with these users, is likely to be time well spent as you will actually feel like you are "social networking" as well as helping each other to accomplish what you came to G+ for.

Now I'm gonna talk about setting up your G+ feed to engage more with the engagers and yes, for many of you clever Googlers this is a little basic, so you can skip down a few lines. For the more experienced here there's some tips at the bottom on finding your local active engagers with nod3x, but then... you already knew that. ;) LOL.

One of the problems you may be experiencing when reading the Google feeds, is that there are many people putting up content one way. They're probably hoping to get lucky with that special picture, or post that goes viral and or, just get as many +1's or, shares that they can. If you're here in G+ like many of us, for the purpose of actively networking, improving your brand, reputation, or author rank then the people who's content you need to be following is the people who will also engage you back.

What I have done to accomplish this is setup a circle called Shakers & Engagers and then regularly add all of the following people into it...

1. Popular content writers, who engage other users.
2. Users who have a good reputation here and actively engage other users.
3. Up and coming users, who may not have all the greatest content, or many followers, but they know what social networking is, they read your content, they share it, they + it and or, they regularly comment on it.

These and a few others I may have missed are the kind of people you want to add to your Shakers & Engagers circle. Then you want to put this circle first in line on your circles page. Going back to the Home page of G+ at the top right above "Share what's new...", you'll want to click on your Shakers & Engagers button. That way it'll be right there for you to follow their feeds, read, comment on, share and engage with them whenever you start your G+.

With these people you'll quickly find that it's a two way street, as you engage with them through a lot of their posts, they will engage back and I guarantee that you will quickly find that G+ is not as lonely as you may have once thought it was.

Another tool I want to suggest you can use to find the more active users within your vicinity is using the tool #Nod3x . You can put your profile number into there and you will see a clever graph of nodes bouncing around. As you move your mouse over the different points connected to yours, you can see who are the most active users in your immediate vicinity (as in a matrix, not a place). You'll want to put a lot of the busiest people you find there into your engagers circle, because these are likely people who will actively engage.

Lastly, if you have managed to collect a lot of users who don't seem to ever show up in G+ and haven't even circled you back, there's a nifty plugin for Chrome called +Circloscope that you can use to trim your circles down to the more useful users. But I'll warn you, be careful how you use it and make sure your choosing the right boxes, or you could end up uncircling everyone you ever knew with just a couple clicks. Now that wouldn't be very social, would it?!

Lastly if you're an Engager, SHARE THIS ARTICLE, to help others in your circles learn to be more engaging.


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