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January 9, 2013

G Webmaster Tools shows first Community stream backlink.

Unknown - 11:00 AM

G Webmaster officially shows first Community stream backlink.

It's now been one month since G+ Communities started and a big question has been how they might pass, or not pass Google juice to website links shared in those communities. Will Google count links in communities separate from individual user streams? Or will they just count links that are plussed, or shared by users from that community into their own individual streams.

Although we can't necessarily gauge how much, if any authority Google search will give to websites links in communities, whether some will have more and others less. To have those links now start showing up as Links to Your Site in Google Webmaster Tools, is certainly an indicator that Google is giving weight to those posts within the communities themselves.

Now others of you Googlers might have been seeing this for a while already. So have you? Let us know if you've seen your website backlinks in the G+ Communities showing up in your Webmaster Tools & analytics.

Not where I expected though. It was a link to HousesFast in this least used Community I started & never promoted. And this is exactly how the link showed up under Links to Your Site in Google Webmaster Tools.


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