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February 8, 2013


Don't pull out your gun if you're not prepared to shoot!

Unknown - 11:00 AM

A successful community post results in exchange (discussion), this is not safe sex. In fact, if someone does not comment on this original post, then I promise to sell my computer tomorrow & go work on a farm. LOL... seriously.

Your highest priority when posting to a G+ Community should be encouraging other community members into a discussion. That's why we call it a "community" and NOT a bulletin board, or a newspaper.

 As a community moderator I am too often asked,
- "Well is it ok to post this?"
- "Is it acceptable if I post links to my...?
- "Do you think this might be useful to your readers?"
- "I hope this is not spam, but I..."
- "Can I post links to my blog here, or post the whole article?"
- "Will it be spam if I post news links with my promotion?*
WAIT... STOP!!! These are all the wrong questions.

If your posts fail not just once, but repeatedly to engage the communities you're posting in, then - I hate to break it to you but - you are not social networking. It's now time to start asking yourself the tough questions, "if thousands of people are viewing this post, then why aren't any of them commenting on it?" Next I would suggest you make a point of reading all the ones that people are, that's where you'll learn successful social networking.

Then ask yourself, are you just posting & not commenting, or engaging other users on their posts? Chances are that's the next biggest problem, users engage back with users who engage with them.

Here's what I consider some key posting questions you should ask yourself before posting, that are sure to result in success:
① Will this encourage discussion & be of interest to the community?
② Is this post just news that everyone has probably already read?
③ Have I written this post/intro in a way that encourages discussion?
④ Is this just a link to an uninteresting article no one will discuss?
⑤ Have I explained why this is interesting to me & may also be to you?
⑥ Have I read & understood the Communities Guidelines?
⑦ Have I chosen the appropriate community & category for this post?

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