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February 11, 2013

It aint rocket science. Your Shakers are in Google+ Ripples!

Unknown - 2:00 AM
Re-publish from Dec 29, 2012

If you haven't been on G+ too long, or if you haven't engaged with a lot of users yet, then you may not have seen what Google+ Ripples can now show us and what a useful tool it is to get a good understanding of how your content is spreading and who is spreading it.

As I've been saying all along, the best way to get the most out of G+ is to engage the Shakers & Engagers. There's not much point wasting your time in G+ commenting to and social networking with people that don't comment back, don't share others' content and generally don't engage with other users much. I have seen many users here doing exactly that and wondering why their sphere of influence has stalled, or is not rapidly growing like many others are.

Right at the top of my Shakers & Engagers are the people that share content and I find those in my Google+ Ripples, as you can too. When any post (picture, or content) gets shared you'll see a small arrow with a number at the right corner of that post, showing it's immediate shares. But did you know, that if you then click on the drown down menu of any post in the Right top corner, you'll see an option View Ripples. This will show you a detailed diagram of all the users publicly sharing that content and the detailed ripples of who is sharing it from them & so on.

Just about everyone you see in these Ripples are the people you want to add to your Shakers & Engagers list, they are in mine. Some of what G+ calls the "influencers" (of that particular post) will have bigger circles, with a lot of shares emanating from within those circles. A lot more sharers will be in small circles & at times there circles will be bigger as well, just depending on who happened to re-share their content that particular day. Either way, you know all of these users are content sharers and helping you to spread your networking efforts farther than your immediate range.

I've attached a picture of the Ripples from a popular video yesterday of Matt Cutts playing dinosaur, so you can see how just a modestly busy ripple can get.

Of course you can also watch yourself in the Ripples of this post, by clicking on the Share This Post arrow at the bottom left & sharing it with Public.

Now you might be wondering why so many of the circles are not connected to each other, but appear here together. Well G+ has become quite good at recognizing the timing of the content whether it is re-posted, or "shared" and when it is passed on. So that now if you've just viewed a post & then end up copy and pasting that same content, or video, but not using the Share This Post button, G+ will still understand that it is a related ripple to the original post you viewed and will display you along side it.

So welcome to Share This Post and watch your name appear either in, or alongside all of the other Ripples in this post, by coming back to it and clicking on View Ripples at a later time & as it progresses. And another very cool thing indeed, hit the Play button under the circles and watch an animation of the circles spreading in the exact order and time as they really happened.

Is that neat, or what?

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