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March 29, 2013


Apparently Google AuthorRank is actually called Agent Rank.

Unknown - 11:00 AM

Apparently Author Rank isn't "Author Rank" & was it ever? 

According to +Bill Slawski's latest update on this, we may need to call it more accurately, "Agent Rank".

See the great discussion in the Authorship community,

On his SeoByTheSea Blog Bill Slawski writes,

"The Agent Rank patent itself was granted by the USPTO on July 21, 2009. Two continuation versions of the patent were also filed by Google since then, with one stressing the portability of reputation scores for agents, and the other pointing out that not all endorsements from Agents are equal."

"I hope that we never do see an “Author Rank,” but would prefer the Agent Rank described in the first patent, where the reputation scores of all of the people who put together the content of a page played a role in the ranking of that page."

As a fickler for details, I am one hundred percent in agreement with Bill on this. When we get into discussing such technical things as algorithms, history of, progress, updates & patents, I believe it is critical to call a spade a spade in order to have a better collective understanding and confluence of knowledge on the topic & all others relative.

So this is me officially coming out to call it Agent Rank!

Having been interested in and reading many patents and trademarks at the site in the past, I don't know why I never bothered to read the details and study the nitty gritty on this, but you can bet I'm gonna.

Apparently Microsoft has worked on a project called Author Rank though & I'll have to follow up on that as well. Hmm... lots of interesting things to read today... "BRAIN OVERLOAD!" LOL.

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