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March 28, 2013

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In depth article on SEO with Google+ and PageRank.

Unknown - 4:54 AM

An exceptional in depth article on SEO, PageRank & Google+

From +Mark Traphagen. You're going to want to bookmark it & refer back to it for in depth reading & applying all the important concepts to your sites and G+.

And Mark, thanks for the citation to my PageRank Part 1 article & giving me credit for the PR in Google+ story.

For all my followers who've been interested in SEO and Google+, you're going to want to share this article a lot. There are few articles that the average person can understand, but that cover this many aspects and practical applications on how to get high search results. It's a must read for beginners and up, with the very latest on Search Engine Optimizing.

Google+ SEO: Beyond Talk to Making It Work

Everyone talks about "the SEO power of Google+." People and businesses reluctantly drag themselves here because they've heard vague statements that "you have to be on G+ to rank in Google" (not true by the way). But just showing up and starting a page does little for them.

A little over a year ago, I started noticing that certain profiles (mine among them) had an unusual power to get posts ranked high in Google search. Many of you have seen me write about how often when I've reshared a "What's Hot" post by a very popular person or celebrity, my share will be the one G+ post showing up high in Google. The only insight we had (other than suspicions) was this ranking power had little or nothing to do with number of followers.

But the +Joshua Berg made a discovery that confirmed what I'd suspected: When it comes to SEO, Google treats profiles, Pages, and I think Communities too, just like "regular" web pages. In this post I reveal that discovery, what it means, and how you build a page or profile that has strong influence in Google search.

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Google Plus SEO: Everybody’s Talks About It – How Do You DO It?


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