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April 2, 2013


Google Plus PageRank and SEO - Live HOA Discussion.

Unknown - 4:38 AM

Today's Google Plus PageRank and SEO, hangout was great. 
Thanks to +Ronnie Bincer inviting +Mark Traphagen and I, to talk about this important topic of Google+ SEO & PageRank.

If Google Search and authority matter to you, you're going to want to watch this show. Although there's a lot still to be covered and you can do so from reading my 5 part PageRank series, Ronnie did a good job of keeping us to the main topics & so we could cover a lot of important ground in one discussion.

Hope you enjoy it & share it!

 9 Min Overview Ver. - of our Google+ PageRank HOA yesterday. 

Great idea to condense it like this, now you can share it to all your friends & they'll actually watch it.

This is the full version of our Google+ PageRank Hangout.

Google Plus PageRank - HOA Discussion 4/2/13

What does Google Plus PageRank mean to you? Get the answer here from +Joshua Berg and +Mark Traphagen and watch me (+Ronnie Bincer) struggle to keep the conversation easy enough to follow while not too simplistic to be inaccurate. Whew! This SEO stuff can be a challenge when you only have an hour! <-- b="" event="" hoa="" link="" packaged="" s="" show="" that="" the="" this="" to=""> That Event contains many links to posts that go much further into detail re. the topic of Google Plus PR (Page Rank). And the always insightful Q & A that happens during shows like this.

Thanks Mark & Joshua for a useful HOA (Hangout on Air) on the topic of Google Plus PageRank... hope it helped many of you new or experienced with the topic.
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