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May 23, 2013

Google Plus Posting Ultimate Guide - Many Key Tips.

Unknown - 11:05 PM
Types of posts, controlling posts, getting shared and engagement. Comprehensive and full of detail, a not to be missed article and how to for Google+ posts and the psychology of posting and sharing on Google Plus. This referenced course recently put together by +martin shervington is definitely worth taking some time to study through thoroughly.

 Google Plus Posts The Ultimate Guide.


Topics covered in Martin's article below... 

However I did want to comment more specifically on the following insightful observation Martin wrote under:

What’s Hot and Recommended

If you click on ‘Explore’ from with Google Plus you will step outside of the streams of content you have been building by adding in circles.
We want to consider how a Google Plus post can get onto this list and what happens when it does.

What happens? Well, the post steps out of your network and into the wider world. This means it gets more views that you would be able to give the post otherwise.
How does this happen? There is an algorithm, and the number of +1s, comments and shares all factor into a post jumping onto the hotlist.
Note: it will start by people from within your network relating and engaging to the content – without this, you won’t be able to ‘go over’ onto the list. BUT one key share could lead to several shares that in turn ‘push’ it over.
What else? Once you’ve cracked the algorithm, it is like a key in a lock and in future it is usually the case you will find it easier for content to go ‘hot’.

Here's My Reply On How This Process Happens To High PageRank Profiles:

+Joshua Berg "You are correct about this and I have made a related observation. It is profiles with high PageRank whose posts will go to the "What's hot" list. Even if in some cases that profile's high PR does not yet show on the PR Toolbar because it hasn't updated for that quarter. We can tell it has high PR because of it's high interaction and linkbacks"...

"Now whether this is cause and effect could be debated, but in my opinion the PageRank of Google+'s content, is used as a G+ EdgeRank to show which fresh content will get the highest visibility in both overall streams and will make it to the What's Hot list."

"This spreads out a persons influence (or we should sayability to influence) over a longer period of time then a single, or small batch of highly popular posts. For example, when I started sharing a very popular series early on, it did not make it to the What's Hot lists, even though far exceeding the average numbers to do so. Simply because the profile was new and did not have a popular history, most likely expressed through that profile's PR."

May 14, 2013

SEO NEWS ALERT: "What to expect for the summer of 2013."

Unknown - 3:01 AM
Google Updates coming, Matt Cutts talks about Penguin 2.0 coming.

① Penguin 2.0 is on its way!!! The next generation. 1:12
② Is Agent Rank, or Author Rank closer to reality? 4:36
③ more sophisticated link analysis system is on its way. 3:28
④ Looking to soften effects of Panda for sites in gray area 5:01
⑤ "What you should be working on..." 0:18
⑥ Advertorials (paid links) will get more scrutinized. 1:40
⑦ Rolling "out a next generation of hack site detection." 3:43
(These numbered points are the most significant to me out of this)

The latest from Matt Cutts, on "what to expect for the summer of 2013" on SEO for Google.
* This is for everyone lots of important stuff here.

Also Matt Cutts is talking about something that sounds a bit like an "authority" Ranking type of algorithm to make those rank higher. Is this the Author/Agent Rank people have been dreaming about coming? at 4:36

And here's another big, "Wow! Caution..." there's a more sophisticated link analysis system being worked on and still in early stages.

Try to make sure you make a great site, that users love, will want to bookmark, tell the friends about, comeback over & over.

We try to make sure, if that's your goal, we're aligned with that goal! As long as you're working hard for users, we're working hard to try to show your high quality content to users as well.

This should be everyone's goal and is the basis for all modern SEO, USER EXPERIENCE. This is the stated goal that Google is working towards.

We're relatively close to deploying the next generation of Penguin...

May 3, 2013

The Complete Guide to SEO with Google Plus.

Unknown - 3:12 AM
Social SEO and the power of Google+, this is one of the most comprehensive and informative guides to date, on using the power of Google+ for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO using Google Plus: Martin Shervington, Mark Traphagen & Joshua Berg

Social Search Engine Optimization image

Special thanks to +martin shervington for his great effort putting this incredible series of interviews with +Mark Traphagen and myself (+Joshua Berg) together.

Sure to become a reference point on Social SEO for a long time to come, you're going to want to want to bookmark and study through this entire course.

If you're at all interested in being found in search and social media, Google Authorship, PageRank and any of the related subjects, then this is the course for you.

Please help with sharing this exceptional resource both here in Google+, as well as Tweeting and getting the word out in other social networks, and upvoting it at

#searchengineoptimization #seo #googleplusseo

May 1, 2013

What is Social SEO with Google Plus?

Unknown - 3:23 AM

This is a trailer for Social SEO with Google Plus. A powerful new course coming out tomorrow with none other than +Mark Traphagen, +martin shervington and myself (+Joshua Berg).

The full blog post with an additional 14 videos on this subject will be released tomorrow!-- Powerful stuff this will be. Are you ready for it?

In this video you will see an introduction to the potential of Google+ for SEO +martin shervington +Mark Traphagen and +Joshua Berg. Including...Search Plus your World, Contacts on Google+ and Gmail.

How it is all about relatable content being shared and people becoming connected through online networking. 

This is search engine optimization, on steroids...

 #seo   #socialseo   #searchengineoptimization 
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