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May 14, 2013

SEO NEWS ALERT: "What to expect for the summer of 2013."

Unknown - 3:01 AM
Google Updates coming, Matt Cutts talks about Penguin 2.0 coming.

① Penguin 2.0 is on its way!!! The next generation. 1:12
② Is Agent Rank, or Author Rank closer to reality? 4:36
③ more sophisticated link analysis system is on its way. 3:28
④ Looking to soften effects of Panda for sites in gray area 5:01
⑤ "What you should be working on..." 0:18
⑥ Advertorials (paid links) will get more scrutinized. 1:40
⑦ Rolling "out a next generation of hack site detection." 3:43
(These numbered points are the most significant to me out of this)

The latest from Matt Cutts, on "what to expect for the summer of 2013" on SEO for Google.
* This is for everyone lots of important stuff here.

Also Matt Cutts is talking about something that sounds a bit like an "authority" Ranking type of algorithm to make those rank higher. Is this the Author/Agent Rank people have been dreaming about coming? at 4:36

And here's another big, "Wow! Caution..." there's a more sophisticated link analysis system being worked on and still in early stages.

Try to make sure you make a great site, that users love, will want to bookmark, tell the friends about, comeback over & over.

We try to make sure, if that's your goal, we're aligned with that goal! As long as you're working hard for users, we're working hard to try to show your high quality content to users as well.

This should be everyone's goal and is the basis for all modern SEO, USER EXPERIENCE. This is the stated goal that Google is working towards.

We're relatively close to deploying the next generation of Penguin...

Penguin is a web spam change that is dedicated to trying to find black hat web spam. This is a little more comprehensive & we expect it to go a little deeper & have a little bit more of an impact than the original version. 1:12

We're also looking at advertorials, native advertising. Those sorts of things that violate our quality guidelines. If someone pays for coverage, those adds should not flow PageRank. *Note: Google requires all paid adds to have nofollow tags & there should be clear & conspicuous disclosure. 1:40

We're also looking to go "upstream" to deny the value to link spammers, some people who spam links in various ways, we've got some nice ideas to make sure that becomes less effective. So that will roll out in the next few days as well. 3:12

In fact we're working on a different system that does more sophisticated link analysis, we're still in the early days for that, but it's pretty exciting now, we've got some data now that we're ready to start munging & so we'll see how good that looks and whether that bears fruit, or not.

We hope in the next few months to roll out a next generation of hack site detection, that is even more comprehensive. And also, trying to communicate better to webmasters.

If you're doing high quality content when you're doing SEO this shouldn't be a big surprise. If you've been
hanging out on a lot of black hat forums & trading different types of spamming package tips... then it might be a more eventful summer for you.

We're doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space... and trying to make sure that those rank a little more highly, if you're sort of an authority, or a site, that according to the algorithms we think might be a little more appropriate for users. 4:36

Note: This is the closest thing I've heard Matt talk about lately in regards to what sounds like an Agent Rank. Also by saying, "if you're an authority, or a site..." this certainly sounds leaning more towards the Agent Rank concept that's been hypothesized rather than exclusively just a particular author.

So what do you think Plussers? Is this it? I can tell you this video should certainly have anyone black hatting and spamming shaking in their boots right now. Best be making sure you're moving to the good side of Google.

What can you do to prepare for all this? Well I suggest brushing up on your  social SEO first and the following course recently released is a good start to that. As well as trying to get bad back links removed and making sure you're important content and sites are not too closely associated with "bad neighborhoods", or black hat sites.

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