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July 2, 2013

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Complete SMO & SEO News Summary for June 2013

Joshua Berg - 9:23 AM

Exceptional Social & Search Optimization Articles & Breaking News.

  1. Penguin 2.0 rolled out today, from Matt Cutts.
  2. Google's Link Disavow Tool Gets An Update
  3. Google’s Matt Cutts On SEO Industry Misconceptions
  4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) for SEO. The Future of Search.
  5. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide (Video Blog)
  6. Google+ Profile PageRank: The Real AuthorRank? Mark Traphagen.
  7. Changes in Rankings of Smartphone Search Results
  8. Which should I use, rel=author or rel=publisher ?
  9. Google Apps For Business, by Martin Shervington.
  10. What is Google Semantic Search? Hangout with David Amerland.
  11. Does using stock photos have a negative effect on rankings?
  12. Google Changes Advice, Says Build Quality Sites Not Links
  13. Will the Webmaster Tools API be updated to add additional data?
  14. 'Multi-Week' Google Update Happening Now, Says Cutts
  15. How to Use Google+ to Expand Your Business Influence
  16. New Google Consumer Survey, See Satisfaction With Your Site
  17. MozCast Shows Huge Google Update But SEOs Don't Agree
  18. Search Marketing Day In Slides, Dan Petrovic, Dejan SEO
  19. If I write about another article, where should I link to original source?
  20. A Eulogy For AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time, Danny Sullivan.
  21. 5 Methods to Put the Guest Back into Guest Blogging.
  22. How Not To Use Google Plus, Mike Allton.
  23. PageRank Toolbar Update for June, 2013... 
  24. How To Measure and Increase Profile, Authority Rank (coming HOA).
  25. The First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference (July Event)
  26. How to Completely Ruin, or Save Your Site with Redirects [Late addition]
  27. The Evolution of Search, Danny Sullivan. [Late addition]
  28. Tips and Suggestions for Video Optimization, with Ronnie Bincer. [Late add]

    This is what I consider to be some of the most significant, informative, or interesting posts and articles for this last month of June, 2013. Things are really happening fast in both the search algorithm and social media worlds, so it can be difficult even for myself to keep up with all that's going on. We've talked a lot about separating the quality content from the noise and it's no different in the SEO & SMO community.

    1. First there's important voices from Google, and other platforms, Matt Cutts & others.
    2. Then there's the well known quality SEO & SMO writers & analysts.
    3. And, there's less broadcast, less heard of, up & coming analyst's exceptional insights.
    On the other side we have what might sometimes be "the noise" & I'm honestly not dissing this either, because it's part of the important cycle of spreading content to everyone who needs to see it, all the different followings, different industries and understanding levels, even different languages. For anyone working in the search, or marketing field, it is also necessary to regularly write and provide content through blogs and networks, in order to stay relevant in them.

    For the few of us who are reading this stuff daily though, it can be time consuming to get to all the original sources and pick out what's actually new, changing, or different. So I've decided that the best and most timely content that I find, I would like to outline it for everyone here in a fairly concise summary, rather than breaking it down all over again into a bunch more little blog articles.

    I realize I may have missed plenty of good articles and content, frankly I was getting late putting this out and decided I had to draw it to a close somewhere. Be sure to put in the comments below anything important you think I may have missed, or any special sites and content, I may be able to feature in my next summary. Thanks.

    1. Penguin 2.0 rolled out today.

    May 22, 2013 by Matt Cutts on his blog Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO.
    We started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm this afternoon (May 22, 2013), and the rollout is now complete. About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice.
    Matt goes on to say, "for more information on what SEOs should expect in the coming months, see our recent..." What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

    2. Google's Link Disavow Tool Gets An Update

    June 3, 2013 Google Webmaster Central, John Mueller
    John Mueller from Google has recently stated that the link disavow tool had a little upgrade. The tool will now automatically flag potential issues upon file upload allowing webmasters to correct and re-upload the error-free file.

    Disavow tool update is discussed specifically at, 42 minutes.

    3. Google’s Matt Cutts On SEO Industry Misconceptions

    Updates, Revenue Goals & Link Building Obsession.
    Jun 3, 2013 by Barry Schwartz
    Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released another video today named What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry? In short, Matt outlined three topics in this five-minute video.
    1. SEOs confuse algorithm updates with data refreshes.
    2. Panda & Penguin algorithms not about making Google more money in the short term.
    3. SEOs spend too much energy... on link building and only thinking about search engines.
    What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?

    4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) for SEO. The Future of Search.

    The Complete SMO / SEO Guide for Business & Brands in Social Media.
    Jun 7, 2013 by myself Joshua Berg

    Early this month my own monumental accomplishment was the release of this specific 
    ① Are social signals phasing out SEO for more user perceptive search?
    ⑤ SMO's relationship with SEO and the growing intelligence of search algorithms.
    ⑥ Is it time to rewrite SMO rules? User experience first, then search optimization.
    ⑦ The all new principles of SMO, Focus on the user and all elSEO will follow.
      ⓐ Create    - Maximize your creativity with original quality content.
      ⓑ Relate    - Create relatable content, or make your content relatable.
      ⓒ Captivate  - Fun and interesting content, stand out from the noise.
      ⓓ Arouse    - Arouse emotion, it is the one constant of all viral success.
      ⓔ Enjoy    - Have Fun! All the most popular media personalities enjoy it.
      ⓕ Share - Seek shareable (quality) content, Reciprocate sharing with movers.
      ⓖ Acknowledge - Acknowledging encourages engagement, reciprocation.
      ⓗ Contribute - Find ways to contribute desired value, quality to audience.
      ⓘ Influencers   - Identify key influencers (movers), to foster connections with.
      ⓙ Communities   - Communities can expand your reach & effectiveness.
      ⓚ Reputation  - Build personal reputation & brand, as a reliable source.
      ⓛ Engagement - Tag - Respond - Comment - Proactively seek to engage.
      ⓜ Authority - Become a notable authority in a particular field of expertise.
      ⓝ Leadership - Lead in social with new original ideas, be a Thought Leader.
      ⓞ Social  - Be sociable, try to reach the individual person, visualize reader.
      ⓟ Media   - Learn to master the media platforms you need to reach your goal.
      ⓠ Optimization - Technically optimize; target content, keywords integral to...

    ⑧ Authorship & Google+ is a royal romance, the marriage of Search & Social.

    5. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide (Video Blog)

    Jun 11, 2013 by martin shervington
    This Video Blog guide by Martin Shervington is a masterpiece & even recommended by Vic Gundotra
    Since its launch in 2011, Google Plus has been gradually moving towards being one of the most active social networks with hundreds of millions of people having active accounts. But what is Google+? And is it any different to any other social network?
    The aim of this guide is to help this process and give you just about everything you need in under 90 minutes of video.
    Continue... What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide (Video Blog)

    6. Google+ Profile PageRank: The Real AuthorRank?

    Jun 11, 2013 by Mark Traphagen For SMX Advanced 2013.
    Everyone who uses Google Authorship wants to know: Is AuthorRank active yet? That is, is Google using Authorship data as a direct influence on search results yet? Most likely not. But...Authorship ..
    This is a fabulous slideshare by Mark Traphagen, with lots of great... well, I'll let him explain it when you watch it.

    Continue... Google+ Profile PageRank: The Real AuthorRank?

    7. Changes in Rankings of Smartphone Search Results

    Jun 11, 2013 by GoogleWebmasterCentral

    Google is going to be reducing websites raking that are not properly serving smartphone search results, they're getting a little tired of all the errors and redirects. So if your site is not already smartphone friendly, it's something you need to seriously start planning for and working on. It's the way of the future!
    Smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment of Internet users, and at Google we want them to experience the full richness of the web. As part of our efforts to improve the mobile web, we published our recommendations and the most common configuration mistakes.

    Continue... Changes in Rankings of Smartphone Search Results

    8. Which should I use, rel=author or rel=publisher ?

    Jun 14, 2013 by Mark Traphagen

    Should your site have an Authorship connection to Google+, a Publisher connection, or both?

    rel=author (Google Authorship) allows authors to establish a verified, two-way connection between their Google+ profiles and their content anywhere on the web.

    rel=publisher allows web sites (“publishers”) to create a verified connection between their official web sites and brand pages.
    Continue... Which should I use, rel=author or rel=publisher ?

    9. Google Apps For Business (Video Blog)

    June 14, by +martin shervington 
    Google Apps for Business will help companies “discover a better way of working” through their cloud based services. If you have yet to experience Google Apps, it can make a tremendous difference to how you think about collaborative working.

    When I starting using Google Apps my online world changed forever. No longer did I need to ‘pass emails’ with attachments back and forth to people with whom I was working; instead, we could work together in the cloud, real time and even get virtually face-to-face in Google Hangouts.

    Here is a great, quick video that shows you how it works
    Continue... Google Apps For Business (Video Blog)

    10. What is Google Semantic Search?

    A Hangout On Air.
    June 26, Book introduction David Amerland & Martin Shervington, Joshua Berg (guest).

    Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence.

    Optimize Your Sites for Today’s Radically New Semantic Search.
    Breakthrough “semantic search” techniques are already transforming Google™’s search results.  If you want to be found, yesterday’s SEO techniques won’t cut it anymore. Google Semantic Search tells you what to do instead—in plain English.

    David Amerland demystifies Knowledge Graph™, TrustRank™, AuthorityRank™, personalized and mobile search, social media activity, and much more. Drawing on deep knowledge of Google’s internal workings and newest patents, he also reveals the growing impact of social networks on your SEO performance. Whether you do it yourself or supervise an agency, this is your complete playbook for next-generation SEO!

    Coming out July, 15. Pre-order your copy from Amazon here & hurry cause they're going fast.

    Web 3.0 and Semantic Search is another interesting and related article by David Amerland.
    The web has changed and the world is changing with it. If you’re not feeling the quickening that comes with a sense of greater empowerment, right now, you are only a click or two away from the moment when you will. It’s inescapable. And the reason it’s inescapable lies in the fact that everything you do is data.
    Continue... What is Google Semantic Search? A Hangout On Air.

    11. Does using stock photos have a negative effect on rankings?

    June 17, 2013 by Matt Cutts

    "Does using stock photos on your pages have a negative effect on rankings? 
    Do original photos help you help you in this regard?"
    Greg M, Vancouver, BC

    I for one, was a little surprised to hear Matt come straight out and say,
    "To the best of my knowledge, the answer is, No. Do original photos help you? It doesn't really make a difference, whether it's a stock photo vs. an original photo. But that's a great suggestion... "

    "To the best of my knowledge we don't use that directly in our algorithmic web ranking right now."

     Wow! Did Matt just say what he means, and mean what he says?

    I tell you, he has gotten a lot more frank in the last year, or so, maybe it has to do with knowing how much these algorithms are analyzed and tested, that a lot of people will figure these things out anyway. So getting a jump start on explaining it and why webmasters should make the right choices, can ultimately help the web and user experience more, whereas in the past a lot of visual clues & ranking factors were rather misleading in a negative way.

    Continue... Does using stock photos have a negative effect on rankings?

    12. Google Changes Advice, Says Build Quality Sites Not Links

    June 19, 2013 by +Barry Schwartz
    Google has quietly updated the rankings article within the Google Webmaster Help documentation. The change is to keep Google consistent with their general change in messaging that content is what webmasters should focus on, not links.
    Previously, the article had a line that read:
    In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.
    We’ve bolded the key part, which was changed on May 27th to say:
    In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.
    The change is consistent with a message that Google’s been pushing recently, to focus people less on link building and more on building quality content.
    What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes.

    13. Will the Webmaster Tools API be updated for additional data?

    June 24, 2013 by Matt Cutts
    Can you tell us if Webmaster Tools will ever have an update to its API allowing us retrieve the "Search Queries" and "Backlinks" data?
    Fábio Ricotta, São Paulo, Brasil
    Matt Cutts: "The short answer is yes, we're working on it & hope to release it relatively soon. In the meantime, there are PHP & Python libraries that you can use to download the data. So we'll include a few links to allow you to get that data right now." Added here.
    • Download the Search Queries data using Python.
    • Download Webmaster Tools data using PHP (not an official Google project).
    Continue... Will the Webmaster Tools API be updated to add additional data?

    14. 'Multi-Week' Google Update Happening Now, Says Cutts

    June 25, 2013 by Chris Crum
    Cutts said at SMX earlier this month that Google had started the update to help clean up spammy queries. He had warned about the update in a video in May, when he said:

    “We get a lot of great feedback from outside of Google, so, for example, there were some people complaining about searches like ‘payday loans’ on So we have two different changes that try to tackle those kinds of queries in a couple different ways. We can’t get into too much detail about exactly how they work, but I’m kind of excited that we’re going from having just general queries be a little more clean to going to some of these areas that have traditionally been a little more spammy...”
    Continue... 'Multi-Week' Google Update Happening Now, Says Cutts

    15. How to Use Google+ to Expand Your Business Influence

    June 24, 2013 by Kristi Hines
    While this article is more about social media than SEO, it is very related to search ranking and I'm including it because it is very well done and has great graphics.
    Are you looking to tap into the power of Google+? Is your business leveraging all that Google+ has to offer? Have you created a personal profile or business page on Google+, but want more influence? Why Google+?

    According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ now has 359 million active users, which puts it ahead of Twitter’s 200 million active users. With that jump in numbers, it’s clear that now is the time to use Google+ to promote your brand.
    #1: Claim Authorship With Your Personal Google+ Profile
    #2: Make a Direct Connection Between Your Business Website & G+ Page.
    #3: Start Using Hashtags.
    #4: Express Yourself With Bigger, Better Cover Photos.
    #5: Use Google+ as Your Business Page.
    #6: Host Google+ Hangouts.
    #7: Join and Create Communities.
    #8: Get Local.
    Continue... How to Use Google+ to Expand Your Business Influence

    16. New Google Consumer Survey, See Satisfaction With Your Site

    June 27, 2013 by Greg Finn
    Conversion paths, exits and other analytic metrics can be studied to determine if users were satisfied. Or, you could just ask them. Today, Google has released a tool that allows webmasters to query users directly — with one line of code required.

    Introducing website satisfaction by Google Consumer Surveys

    We're now offering webmasters an easy and free way to collect feedback from your website visitors with website satisfaction surveys. All you have to do is paste a small snippet of code in the HTML for your website and this will load a discreet satisfaction survey in the lower right hand corner of your website. Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses, providing the data back to you through a simple online interface.
    Continue... New Google Consumer Survey, See Satisfaction With Your Site

    17. MozCast Shows Huge Google Update But SEOs Don't Agree

    June 27, 2013 by Barry Schwartz
    Yesterday, MozCast, Moz's Google ranking volatility tool, reported the highest level of change in Google's search results in the history of MozCast. 113 degrees hot. Typically, on a normal day it will be in the high 60s or low 70s.

    Why the huge temperature? The other tools such as and SERP Metrics reported normal days for Tuesday. And more importantly, I didn't see any chatter in the SEO forums that would signal a Google search algorithm or ranking update.
    Continue... MozCast Shows Huge Google Update But SEOs Don't Agree

    18. Search Marketing Day In Slides, Dejan SEO

    June 28, 2013 by Dan Petrovic & Toni Anicic.
    Dan and I spent a few days in Poznan to attend the Search Marketing Day conference. Things I learned in Poznan

    I learned how modern mass scale cloaking campaigns are made that are designed to dominate entire first page SERP of a keyword until busted. Of course, we’ll never use these black-hat techniques with our clients, but it’s good to know how it’s done to be able to notice it. I learned a lot more people use black-hat techniques than I thought, especially in Poland, and some of them are very proud of it.
    There are 3 fabulous sets of slides with this & if that's not good enough, they're also PDF's. Dan is obviously an excellent analyst & produces excellent visual material.

    Continue... Search Marketing Day In Slides, Dejan SEO

    19. If I write about another article, where should I link original source?

    July 1, 2013 by Matt Cutts 
    "I have a blog and I post original articles but I also like to link to the original website. So I link the website in a word in the first paragraph. Is this the right way or I should give a link separately at bottom."
    nayanseth, India

    Matt Cutts: "Either way can work, it still flows PageRank either way & so credit will flow to the site you're referring to. For my personal preference though, I really appreciate when there's a link somewhere relatively close to the top of the article."
     "The thing I hate is, whenever you've got a regular news report... and they say, "blah, blah... and they don't link to the source. I mean, come on, link to your sources, whether you're a journalist, whether you're a blogger, let people go and look at the original information themselves."

    Did you hear that? Although Matt Cutts says this is not ranking advice, just asking everyone to be considerate & share credits & attributes.

    I think some people might actually be surprised by this, because with all this focus of removing links, some might have the idea that Google is really discouraging links. What he's actually saying is, when the linking is genuine and to original sources the link backs are encouraged and not discouraged.

    Continue... If I write about another article, where should I link to original source?

    20. A Eulogy For AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time

    Jun 28, 2013 by Danny Sullivan
    Anyone in the SEO industry from the earliest days will remember with some fondness, the search site. So news of its final put to rest come with a tinge of a sigh and a moment of nostalgia for some of us.
    Goodbye AltaVista. You deserved better than this. Better than the one-sentence send-off Yahoo gave you today, when announcing your July 8 closure date. But then again, you always were the bright child neglected by your parents.
    The Amazing AltaVista: You appeared on the search engine scene in December 1995. You made us go “woah” when you arrived. You did that by indexing around 20 million web pages, at a time when indexing 2 million web pages was considered to be big.
    Continue... A Eulogy For AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time

    21. 5 Methods to Put the Guest Back into Guest Blogging

    June 29, 2013 by Ryan Hanley
    This is one of those exceptional articles, that is definitely worth taking the time reading.
    The release of Google’s latest major algorithm update, Penguin 2.0, has ruffled the feathers of many professional bloggers and SEO experts. Cries have gone up across the Internet complaining of Google’s alleged attack on guest blogging.

    Guest blogging has such a successful method for increasing search engine rankings and blog traffic, it’s become a staple of proper SEO and content marketing practices.

    It bears the question, how could Google take away the primary tool of every good Whitehat SEO professional?

    The truth is Penguin 2.0 has done nothing to reduce the effectiveness of guest blogging.

    Guest blogging is as powerful a tool today as it was six months, a year or even two years ago. What has come under fire by Penguin 2.0 are guest blogging spammers who’ve either forgotten or never cared what it means to be a guest.
    Putting the GUEST back into guest blogging

    Over the years the obvious benefits of guest blogging have attracted spammers in droves
    Continue... 5 Methods to Put the Guest Back into Guest Blogging

    22. How Not To Use Google Plus

    Jul 01, 2013 by Mike Allton
    Lots of important points here that I've been meaning to cover, everyone joining G+ should read.
    Have you noticed some people on Google+ doing the same annoying thing, over and over? For most, it's not on purpose. It's not their fault that they don't know any better. But the fact is, there's something they're expected to do, or expected not to do, and they're messing it up.

    Here are some of the most common mistakes people make on Google+, and what they should be doing differently. See if you can spot a few you recognize.

    • Sharing With and Notifying Circles
    • Forgetting to Mention People.
    • Forgetting to Credit People.
    • Always Sharing Links Without Commentary.
    • Sharing the Same Links to All Communities.
    • Not Using a Profile Pic.
    • Always Leaving Terse Comments.
    • Never Sharing Other People's Posts.
    • Never Acknowledging Other People's Mentions.
    Continue... How Not to use Google+

    23. PageRank Toolbar Update for June, 2013... NOT!

    The biggest news that did NOT happen, is the much anticipated PageRank Toolbar Update for June. In reality this can come at anytime and Google has knowingly made the updates somewhat irregular, so as to not encourage webmasters to focus on this, but to focus on the user experience instead.
    Humph! We'd never do that!

    I will also not be surprised if the rumors start swirling again that Google will no longer update the PR Toolbar as has happened in the past after longer delays. Yet, eventually the update happened & the fears were put to not. 
    • I also have a sneaking suspicion that this delay has to do with Google+ & how much of that PR will be showing quite clearly on the profiles, as I think it will. 
    • Does it have to do with a certain PageRank in Google+ series which brought an unusual amount of attention to this topic? Not impossible, but frankly I think it's more to do with the first.
     Here's a list of the last PR Toolbar Updates, so you can get an idea of the scheduling.
    • Feb-04-2013
    • Nov-07-2012
    • Aug-02-2012
    • May-02-2012
    • Nov-07-2011
    • Aug-00-2011
    • Etc, etc...

    Stay tuned to my profile and this site for this exciting update, cause when it happens for sure you'll be hearing about it from me.

    24. How To Measure and Increase Profile Author Rank (HOA)

    July 11, 2013 with Mark Traphagen & Joshua Berg, hosted by Yifat Cohen.

    Next week Mark Traphagen and I have been invited to what's sure to be an interesting and informative hangout with Yifat Cohen. So you'll want to watch her profile for details on that event coming out.

    25. The First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference, July Event

    July 13-14, 2013 organized by Chef Dennis Littley 

    With all of the following amazing speakers: Martin Shervington, Joshua Berg, Mark Traphagen, Ronnie Bincer, Hilah Johnson, Ryan Hanley, Chris C. Ducker, Autumn Giles, Stephanie ManleyJoanne Ozug, Adam V. Barnes, Sally EkusKita RobertsValerie R. Coffman and more to come!
    One of the dreams that I’ve had over the last few years I’ve been blogging was to hold my own Bloggers Conference. Last December Google helped me move closer to achieving that goal, by adding communities to an already robust platform... Two months ago I began thinking about holding a Virtual Food Bloggers Conference... I began reaching out to many of “The Superstars of G+” to get their help with this project, and to my surprise almost everyone said yes.

    This conference will be held on G+ HOA (hangouts on air) and will begin on Friday Evening July 12th...

    I'll post updates on this event on my profile here.

    26. How to Completely Ruin (or Save) Your Site with Redirects

    June 18, 2013 by Cyrus Shepard
    If you've had to redirect content on your site, or need to move links & pages, you'll need this.
    Have you ever redirected a page hoping to see a boost in rankings, but nothing happened? Or worse, traffic actually went down?
    When done right, 301 redirects have awesome power to clean up messy architecture, solve outdated content problems and improve user experience — all while preserving link equity and your ranking power.
    When done wrong, the results can be disastrous. 
    Continue... How to Completely Ruin (or Save) Your Website with Redirects

    27. The Evolution of Search

    June 28, 2013 by Danny Sullivan
    Knowing where we're going often means knowing where we've come from. The history of search engines is a short one, but one of constant change.
    In today's Whiteboard Friday, Danny Sullivan takes a look at how search has evolved into the complicated engine it's become, and what that means for its neon-lit, rocket-car future. 
     Continue... The Evolution of Search.

    28. Tips and Suggestions for Video Optimization

    June 19, 2013 by Ronnie Bincer with Tim Schmoyer and Mark Robertson

    Don't know how I missed this one, but no social media, or even search optimization would be complete without the most useful tool of all, video and now especially, Google+ Hangouts and YouTube.
    June's LIVE YouTube Training is focused on the topic of video optimization, including writing good metadata, optimizing your channel experience, your videos, and more.
    1. We kick off the evening with some optimization training from our hosts (see below).
    2. Live Q&A about optimization, SEO, online video, YouTube, channels, and such.
    3. A look at a few of your channels, offer feedback and advice for how to improve and highlight what you're doing well.


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