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September 23, 2013

In-depth Articles, Evergreen & Fresh Content, a Golden SEO Goose

Unknown - 3:51 PM

The high value of Evergreen Content & Google's In-depth Articles Markup.

Evergreen articles & content freshness, a golden goose of SEO. Let me explain my experience on how this works so fabulously well & towards the end I'll share a freshly valuable tip. Today +Mark Traphagen shared a fantastic post that reminds us of the high value of fresh content & he is right on with this one.

Once in a while I share some inside SEO tips of high value not commonly discussed, this is one of those tips. In fact it's been one of my secret weapons for a while, so don't go spreading this around. Shhhh...

For the last few years keeping content freshness has been a golden goose of mine where other factors were either difficult, or changing too much. Very high freshness even beat out many of the penalty algorithms when they first started hitting hard & I didn't really understand them.

I'll take this up a level here & talk about Evergreen Content, or articles. The best example of this is Wikipedia, it's how all of their content is structured & one of the strongest factors that have kept their content so highly relevant in search, but also to the users (value to users = value to Google). It tells Google, "this is still good content & it's just as relevant as it ever was."

On some websites I have built a good portion of content around this concept & setup a month by month schedule, where I would come back even once a week, or more and add to, or change the content appropriately. Some of these articles I would intentionally not add all aspects from the beginning and just keep adding sub-topics to & this would keep it highly relevant.

Note: when I'm talking about updating that frequently, this is an evergreen topical article, not a blog post. Blog posts can certainly be updated with value, but they're not structured for as frequent an updating as evergreen articles. The way Mark explains updating a blog type article with new & relevant information is just perfect.

So in my opinion, creating useful & industry, or topic relevant, in-depth evergreen articles, is simply a very effective SEO tool.

Now I said I have a freshly valuable tip & that is this...

September 19, 2013

Google+ SEO? Google Plus is a Space Station, Not a Gas Station!

Unknown - 1:34 PM

Is Google+ The Most Powerful SEO Ever? The G+ Ranking Debate - Part 1


1. Ye do err not knowing the power of Google Plus
2. What Are The Powers of Google+ SEO for Search Ranking?
3. Another "Study" and the Google+ SEO Debate Rages On


For all the Google Plus SEO articles I've written, I think the wider principle of this hadn't totally clicked with me until this last discussion. I myself have tried many of the Google+ "tricks," tested this and that, or tried to isolate & understand more of the results. I'm one of those who came to Google Plus seeking "the power," not seeking people. I didn't know where the perceived ranking authority came from, or how to get it. All I knew is what most people figured, make lots of posts & get lots of followers, only to figure out later on it was neither of these. It wasn't till I finally understood that some of the most basic Google algorithms were at play here, that I started writing the now famous series PageRank in Google+.

Lately I've been asking, why are we still arguing about whether there's Google+ ranking power at all? We all know it works and we've been backwards & forwards over it every way to be imagined. Then a new experiment comes out & everyone's running for the exits. Well, if it's on the Internet it must be true, right?

1. Ye do err not knowing the power of Google Plus


Here lies one of the biggest misunderstandings of the Google+ social media platform to enhance our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Social Media Optimization (SMO), it is just a platform and nothing more, it is a big empty shell. Google Plus does not have, nor give, authority of itself at all. Nevertheless it is an ingeniously crafted & unprecedentedly versatile social media platform, which when wielded properly has unlimited potential, for not only SEO, but also SMO, Internet marketing, content marketing, brand building, reputation building, reputation management, mass marketing and... anything else you want to make of it.

Google Plus does not have, nor give, authority of itself .

To relate that concept let me refer to the powerful Wikipedia. What was it that made Wikipedia the most successful knowledge base in history, collecting & organizing such vast quantities of knowledge where so many others had failed? It was the simple & versatile open source platform on which it was built called MediaWiki. From the beginning, it was just a platform, yet by itself did not at first contain any knowledge.

Prior to the invention of Wikis the majority of information management systems worked in a more singular manner, organizing content consecutively, such as forums, bulletins & some databases. The versatility of the Wiki's eventual design, allowed an unprecedented amount of people to work on & build in the same environment, in unlimited directions, yet in a uniform way. The real knowledge (is power) then came from the people & ultimately morphed into an unimaginably vast knowledge-base of man's collective minds.

To make that point clear, when you first setup your Google+ Profile, a new Page, a new Community, a new YouTube Channel, etc., the authority (power, link-juice, PageRank) you have is ZERO (technically there's an insignificant amount) and the first ranking authority to your profile will probably come from linking in your own website.

If you then get started sharing, or dumping links, but receive no significant engagement back (including from outside Google+), not only will you get absolutely no results, but you could conceivably give away so much link authority that you end up spinning your wheels endlessly trying to get it back, or even be better off starting over.

The shares you give in Google+, the links and the +Mentions you make, will then give no ranking authority at all. In fact, in some cases you are likely to see the opposite, where you're linked content progressively loses value due to the sheer number of worthless outbound links you've created. In this sense, I have seen some profiles, or communities turned worthlessly into what we used to call, Link Farms.

For more on this topic and an in-depth explanation of where you get authority in Google+, read my PageRank in G+ series.

Many of us who've used the Google+ platform for a while have seen the full potential, as well as strong affects on search ranking of our content. Yet, we still find ourselves arguing about whether it's in the "+1's," or the "hyperlink share," or the "hyperlink re-share," or the "comments," or the "+Mentions," or the "AuthorRank," etc? The real ranking power of Google+ is THE PEOPLE! If we haven't seen that by now, we might just be too close to the forest to see the trees.

The real ranking power of Google+ is THE PEOPLE!
Social Media Optimization for SEO. The Future of Search.

Studies that try very specifically to measure the exact search ranking value of a single aspect of Google+ are generally missing the big picture entirely. They impossibly attempt to isolate a single factor, while not understanding that the entire conduit of the Google+ platform is irrevocably entwined and the search engine algorithms are not fixed, but constantly in flux and working in many layers. But even if we could measure all of those things, there is still more than that, the power is the people.

Attempts to isolate & quantify singular ranking factors typically fail.

Google+ is not a place to fill up your blar with link juice and go home (blog+car). The many people who come to G+ thinking that way are invariably disappointed, because it just does not work like they think it does.

Google Plus is a space station, Not a gas station. And from this station we can launch missions untold to the furthest galaxies of the Interverse & bring back limitless power & authority.

The way I see it, the possibilities on Google+ right now are endless.

If we use all of the powerful tools Google has given us, coupled with some knowledgeable understanding, we will see that amazing things can happen. So let's talk about the specifics of Google+ so far. I decided to start with the list of first direct & secondly indirect search ranking benefits we can get from Google+.

September 14, 2013

Important SEO News & Updates from the Google Webspam Team

Unknown - 2:46 PM

Fighting penalties & spam, the latest from Matt Cutts & Webmaster Central

1.  Matt Cutts on Webmaster Tools showing more link details
2. Matt Cutts on Manual Actions viewer for Webmaster Tools
3. View Manual Webspam Actions details by Webmaster Central
4. Google Wants Your Feedback on Search Policies
5. Types of Spam Google is Specifically Targeting

There are a number of  new Google tools and announcements to talk about lately. A lot of the discussion has been about Google giving out a lot more information on both the types of spam they are targeting & how you are informed about it. So let's start with Matt Cutts interview that just came out from the SES Conference.

1. Matt Cutts on Webmaster Tools showing more link details


Matt Cutts in above video: 

In the past we've provided links sorted alphabetically...

So we've radically changed how we're sampling the links. So we take our highest quality links, the ones that are sort of in our base index & we reserve 70% of that for random links and then another 20, or 30% for random TLD's, random domain names. So you're gonna get a much better diversity of links.

In the past, like my domain name, it stopped at like H something dot com and now I'll really get a better picture of what I can do, if I need to do cleanup or anything like that.

2. Matt Cutts on Manual Actions viewer for Webmaster Tools


The next thing Matt Cutts talks about in the video above, is the all new Manual Actions tool in the Webmaster Tools window under Search Traffic. Anyone who's ever had a big drop in Google search rankings (that would be everyone), has wondered if they got one of the much talked about Manual Spam actions from Google. The truth is, very, very few websites actually get those & most ranking drops are from algorithm changes, whether it's a penalty, or other kind of update. But from now on you'll be able to see in your tools if you actually did get a manual penalty.

September 11, 2013

How to Use Google Plus Embedded Posts in Your Websites

Unknown - 11:19 AM

BREAKING NEWS: You Can NOW Embed Google+ Posts into Your Websites!

1. Smart Uses for Embedded Google+ Posts
2. Google+ Embedded Posts vs. Google+ Embedded Comments
3. Embedded Shared Circles on CircleCount
4. Big Google Plus SEO Implications for G+ Embedded Posts
5. How to Embed a Google Plus Post
6. Embedding Google+ Posts into a Website Examples [update]
7. Different Applications of Embedded Posts, NOD3x [update]

Yesterday Google's Vic Gundotra announced, "Starting today, you can embed public Google+ posts on your web site!" And then gave us some exciting first examples in his post below.

Now the questions everyone is asking are, "What does this mean? How can we use it? How will it affect SEO? And many others...

So here's a little round up of the day's events & some of the useful informative Google+ Posts I picked out on the subject. Let's start with my share of Vic Gundotra's announcement.

Above you'll notice one of my first favorites of this feature. Notice Vic Gundotra's share appears inside of my reshare? On the Google+ platform, each new reshare of my share of his post, would strip away my post above & only keep the original post intact. With this technique however, my share introduction will stay intact and will continue to do so for every reshare across the Internet of my particular share of this post.

1. Smart Uses for Embedded Google+ Posts


Next Stephan Hovnanian has some terrific ideas on ways to get the most out of this feature.


  1. Roundups
  2. Embedded shared circle posts
  3. Pimp out your guest authors
  4. Save Bandwidth
  6. Show off top sharers of an article
  7. Collate/Curate your Google+ posts around a topic
  8. Embed Google+ Events
  9. SoundCloud post = Embedded Podcast
  10. Embed real person reviews

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