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April 17, 2014

Google Algorithms Operate On A Sliding Scale - Office-Hours Notes

Unknown - 8:11 AM

Key topics from Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangouts with John Mueller.

1. For all our algorithms we try to have a sliding scale between how they react to a site.
2. But wait, can't TRUST be turned Off through a Manual Action?

Google Panda, as well as Google Penguin, all operate on a sliding scale, in the sense that these algorithmic penalties are not used as on / off switches. Some websites with serious issues may get heavily filtered, others with only moderate quality problems may get filtered lightly.

+John Mueller's regular Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangouts have been helpful & informative as usual.

This week I'd like to share some points from his Hangouts that have recently been the subject of discussion on whether certain of Google's algorithmic penalties operate on a sliding scale, or are just all "On, or Off".

Apparently interest in this topic started 2 weeks ago with a tweet from Matt Cutts...

"@chipnicodemus I'd recommend continuing to clean backlinks though. You still have a very mild case of Penguin."

That topic was continued here at Search Engine Watch on April 8, 2014, A Very Mild Case of Google Penguin? as well as quite a number of other SEO blogs.

We do pretty much for all of our algorithms, we try to have like a sliding scale between how they react to a site. And it's never the case that something is either "on," or "off," because there's always this lot of room in-between. - John Mueller


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